Harold Berkman Memorial Fund

In 1996 the National Limousine Association created the “NLA Charitable Fund.”  Along with many others in the industry, Harold Berkman, owner of the California-based limousine company Music Express and a NLA past president and director, contributed to the initial start-up.  When Berkman died in 1997, the NLA board of directors unanimously voted to re-name the fund the “Harold Berkman Memorial Fund.”

To date, almost $500,000 has been donated by the fund to charities including Air Charity Network (formerly Angel Flight), the Alliance for Lupus Research and the Fisher House Foundation.

The chief fundraisers for the Harold Berkman Memorial Fund are held at the annual International LCT Show in Las Vegas.  Traditionally, the NLA board of directors chooses the recipient charities for the subsequent year’s donation in the months following the show.