Help Us Win for Chauffeured Transportation!

The National Limousine Association's 2012 legislative/regulatory agenda includes these issues:

> Department of Labor regulations (overtime on tips for employees);
> Department of Transportation rules (anticipated new hours of service rules)
> RIDE Act violations (ban on discriminatory airport and seaport fees).

It is a monumental battle that comes with significant costs.

Some costs, i.e. the engagement of our top notch Washington D.C.-based lobbying firm Cornerstone Government Affairs, can be – and are – paid by the NLA general fund.

Other costs, i.e. the hours and hours devoted to the leadership and management of NLA legislative/regulatory initiatives, can be – and are – paid by the volunteerism of the NLA Board of Directors and, most especially, by the NLA President and the members of the NLA Legislative Committee.

However, still other costs – ones deemed absolutely critical to success, i.e. support of those lawmakers who champion the causes of chauffeured transportation – cannot be paid by the general fund or by volunteerism.  Rather, as dictated by federal regulations, they must – and can only be – paid by the personal funds of NLA members as corporate funds are not allowed for PAC contributions.

This is why we are asking NLA members for help!  

Specifically, we request each NLA member donate $25 per month to the NLA Political Action Committee (PAC).  

Think about it!  If even half of our members do this, we’ll raise more than $100,000 in a year’s time.  One mighty arsenal to help us fight – and win! – the battle at hand for you and for all NLA members.

To make a donation to the NLA PAC, please use this form

Make no mistake about it.  This has everything to do with winning and losing.

Please help us win for chauffeured transportation!

Thank you.

NOTE:  Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions to the NLA PAC from anyone who is not a current NLA member.  This solicitation is intended for NLA members in the U.S. only.  Should any contribution be received from a non-NLA member, it will be returned to the donor.