Serving the Limousine Industry Worldwide

NLA membership unites peers in a powerful way. By pooling the resources and knowledge of thousands of operators from around the world, the National Limousine Association is able to accomplish goals far beyond the scope of any single limousine company. The inclusion of suppliers and manufacturers who support operator interests as associate members provides additional expertise and greater empowerment. Working together, NLA members continue to redefine professionalism and improve the industry every day.

Why You Should Join the NLA

1. You’ll Attract New Business: The NLA publishes an annual Directory of Members and hosts two websites, and Together the sites feature a list of NLA members (operators on and suppliers, manufacturers, coach builders and associations on and serve as prime referral resources for members, other travel and transportation professionals, and the general public.  A copy of the Directory of Members is included in your annual membership.

2. You’ll Be Heard Where It Counts: The NLA fights for the issues that directly impact the limousine business. You have a powerful voice through the NLA’s full time lobbyist, strong presence in Washington DC, and assistance with state and local legislative and regulatory efforts.

3. You’ll Learn How to Do It Better: The NLA seminars presented at the annual LCT Shows deliver exactly the practical know-how you require to develop and strengthen your company. NLA E-News and LimoScene, the NLA newsletters which are included in your membership, and are chock-full of useful industry-specific information and tips.

4. You’ll Save Money: The NLA offers many discount programs including plans for phones and service, prescriptions, background checks, HR programs, fuel-saving devices, office supplies, printing, vehicle purchases, credit card processing, software, clothing, auto parts and accessories. Membership also ensures a 10% discount on LCT Show registrations and a 50% discount on LCT Magazine subscriptions.

5. You’ll Get the NLA Seal: The NLA is the only international association serving the luxury chauffeured ground transportation industry. NLA membership confirms you stand with the very best in the profession. You may display the NLA logo proudly on your website, in your brochure, and on your vehicles.  You also may display a specially-made NLA video (included in your annual dues) on your website that describes your NLA affiliation and underscores your company's professionalism.




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