Why Regional and State Limousine Associations Should Join the NLA

1. You'll Have a Win-Win Partnership: The NLA will remit 20% of an operator's dues to his/her local limousine association if the association is a NLA member. Actively promote this new rebate program with your current and prospective members and your association will be rewarded with a significant new revenue stream. This is an annuity your organization can count on since rebates will be made on NLA renewals too.

2. You'll Get a Grass Roots Boost: The NLA will lend you its know-how when you need help with local legislative and regulatory issues.  The NLA Liaison, Legislative/Regulatory Affairs, stands at the ready and provides assistance without charge to member associations when requested.

3. You'll Be Promoted 24/7: The NLA Directory of Members and the NLA website feature a list of NLA association members and serve as a prime resource for operator and supplier members and non-members alike.

The NLA Directory of Members is THE print resource for limousine services around the world. If you join the NLA by August 1, 2014, your association listing will be included in the 2014-2015 NLA Directory of Members. A copy of the Directory is included in your annual membership.

In addition to your own listing (and link) on, you'll find the latest lists of NLA supplier, manufacturer and coachbuilder members and NLA operator members on and, respectively. Use them and the NLA network is at your fingertips.