NLA Political Action CommitteeWhat is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A PAC is a separate segregated fund established and maintained by an organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaigns for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation.

Why does the NLA have a PAC?

The NLA has a PAC to raise funds and contribute to candidates who have committed to supporting the luxury ground transportation industry, understand our priorities, and will protect our interests. Raising PAC funds gives the NLA a significant voice in Washington and allows us to be heard on a federal level.

Who can contribute to the NLA PAC and is there a contribution limit?

All U.S. citizens are eligible to contribute to NLA PAC. Participation is voluntary and contributions are not tax-deductible. In addition, contributions must be made by personal check or personal credit card, not corporate funds. The maximum yearly contribution is $5,000 per member.

Can the NLA PAC solicit all NLA members for PAC contributions?

No, NLA corporate members must give the NLA written permission to solicit for PAC contributions. Giving the NLA permission to solicit for contributions does not obligate that member to make contributions, it just gives the NLA permission to solicit them. If you give the NLA permission to solicit you for contributions, that permission expires on December 31st of each year. Your company may pre-authorize up to five (5) years of permission.

NLA MEMBERS: Click here to authorize the NLA to solicit you for contributions.

Current NLA PAC contributors.

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